Frequently Asked Questions

What is UNIT 55?

UNIT 55 is a horror themed immersive theater experience, where decisions made by the players throughout the game effect the outcome. Players must work as a team, solve riddles, find hidden items, and interact with the environment to pass through 5 scenes in 60 minutes to “survive."

Is UNIT 55 scary?

UNIT 55 is horror themed and is intended to be scary. Some will be scared while others may not.

Is UNIT 55 a Haunted House?

No, UNIT 55 is a horror themed live action game and is very different than a haunted house. You will enter the room with the rest of your team, and then be given 60 minutes to solve the puzzles inside and escape. You will be directly interacting with many aspects of the environment inside, touching things, moving things, opening things, (occasionally crawling through things) etc. There are no lines to follow or set paths to traverse, just rooms full of clues, items, and puzzles.

What ages can attend UNIT 55?

Participants who are under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be asked to sign the safety waiver for the underage participant. No one under the age of 15 will be admitted, even with a parent or guardian.

What if I get too scared and want to quit?

Any player may yell the safe words, ”Fuzzy Bunny”, at any time to end their experience. Player will then be escorted out by safety staff.

Will we be paired with strangers?

UNIT 55 is designed to be played by five to eight players. Therefore, it takes five players to start a game but eight tickets will be sold for every show, the only way to ensure you will not be paired up with a stranger is to buy all eight tickets for that show time.

What if I have a full group and don’t see a showtime that works for me?

Send us an email at:, and we will work with you.

Will I get dirty or wet?

Players must dig through disgusting props that look and smell horrible. So you may get a little messy, but we have towels. If you’re worried about your clothes, wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty.