Evilina's Revenge

With her curse lifted and risen from the dead, Evilina is back for her Revenge! After her mysterious disappearance Valentine’s Day 1845, Evilina Dyer’s body was left to rot for hundreds of years until it was discovered entombed in an old alleyway, breaking the Curse of Evilina. After the curse was broken, Evilina was free to rise from the dead to seek her vengeance while feeding on the blood of the innocent. Evilina returns every Valentine’s Day to search for those who wronged her and to feast on unsuspecting couples celebrating the holiday. You and your group have found yourselves trapped by Evilina in her house of horrors. You now have 60 minutes to escape with your lives! You will have to solve riddles, complete challenges and brave Evilina’s world to survive. Do you have what it takes? Can you escape Evilina’s trap? Can you survive Unit 55?

Evilina's Revenge Frequently Asked Questions