Evilina's Revenge FAQs

Is Evilina’s Revenge scary?

Evilina’s Revenge is meant to be scary. This game also contains high amounts of simulated gore and scenes of violence.

Is this experience appropriate for my child?

That is a question better answered by you! You know what your child is capable of handling better then we do, we do SUGGEST 16 years old or older, but it is your call.

Will I get anything on me or will I get dirty while participating in this event?

It is possible that you will get dirty while playing this game, please do not wear your favorite anything to this event.

Will I have a hood placed over my head?

Yes, every Unit 55 game starts with players being hooded.

Can the actors touch me?

Yes, the actors can and will touch you during this experience.

Can players in my group be kidnapped?

Yes. Evilina’s Revenge is a kidnapping game.

Is there a non-scary version of this game?

No, there isn’t a non-scary option for this game